10 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment

Admin | December 7, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

10 Tips for Living in a Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment can be a great experience and a cheap way to experience city life. However, since a studio apartment is most notably known for its compact design that combines the bedroom, kitchen, and living room into one large room, sometimes you might get the feeling of being cramped. Luckily, there are some tips you can follow to better enhance living in a studio apartment, including utilizing RV storage. 

1. Using Multi-purpose Furniture

To maximize space it’s a good idea to use multi-purpose furniture such as a bed that can turn into a couch or plenty of shelving that can hold all your valuables. 


2. Have Plenty of Light

Living in a cramped space might feel lonely so make sure you bring in as much light as you can. In addition to having wide, open windows you can also opt for well-placed lamps.


3. Divide Your Room Into Separate Spaces

Just because it’s one big room doesn’t mean it has to be! In addition to using curtains and dividers, another way to divide the room is by using rugs for unique color schemes.


4. Have Some Greenery 

Although you probably won’t be able to have a whole garden, having even just a couple plants can make things feel more lively. 


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate

Whether posters, unique artwork, an action figure collection, etc. having some decorations here and there can really enhance your apartment. 

6. Maximize Wall Space

Solutions such as having a mounted TV can help save on precious floor space that can be used for something else or to just have an area free from clutter. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Friends Over

No, you probably won’t be able to throw the party of the century in your small studio apartment, but having a few friends over from time to time to watch a movie or have a few drinks can be a great way to enjoy your living space. 

8. Keep Things Well-Organized and Clean

After a long day of work, it can be tempting to make something quick on the stove without cleaning, fling our work clothes on the floor as we slip into something more comfortable, and go to bed without a care in the world. And while this can be okay once in awhile, too many actions like these can culminate in an unorganized and dirty living space. Especially for a studio apartment, it’s crucial to keep well-organized and clean. 

9. Declutter

Sometimes to maximize space your only option is to declutter. Get rid of anything you don’t need either by throwing it away, selling items, or donating them. 

10. Using Storage Units

Of course, you may find you have items you don’t want to give up quite yet which is why you may need to put some items in storage. If you’re in the need for RV storage near Bonny Lake then Uncle John’s RV Park has plenty of RV storage to offer.


Using Uncle John’s RV Park for Storage

Among the many ways to maximize space and comfortability in a studio apartment, you can put valuables away by using RV storage. Uncle John’s RV Park has plenty of RV storage near Bonny Lake and has great prices for all your storage needs. Contact them today to learn more!