5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Admin | June 28, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Whether for cleaning out your home, RV, or another space, spring offers the unique opportunity to start fresh and new. However, before jumping into your spring cleaning process, here are 5 tips you can utilize for spring cleaning! 

1. Start with a Game Plan

Before cleaning out or preparing your space for RV storage near Bonney Lake, you should start with a game plan. This can include specific tasks you want to accomplish, why you want to do spring cleaning and any other motivations. 

2. Break up and Delegate Tasks

It can be tempting to just grab a mop and broom and start cleaning. However, not only is this, not the most effective, but it’s possible that you’ll miss key areas. Instead, you should clearly identify tasks. One helpful method is to break up bigger projects into smaller projects. If possible, you can also delegate tasks to other people. 

3. Throw, Donate, or Sell

Chances are you may come across a lot of clutter. Instead of sticking all your clutter into storage bins, take a chance to go through all your items and purge anything unnecessary. You can choose to throw, donate, or sell your items. 

4. Know When to Take a Break and Celebrate

Even if you’re just cleaning out your RV for summer travel versus your whole house, you’ll still want to know when to take a break and when to celebrate. For celebrations, you can choose to do so once the entire task is completed or when any major projects are completed. A celebration can be anything from ordering a pizza, having a couple of drinks, or even throwing a small get-together. 


5. Use an Expert Storage Service

Lastly, for all those spring items or your RV as a whole, you’ll want to use an expert storage service. Luckily, Uncle John’s RV Park offers plenty of storage units including RV storage near Bonny Lake. 

Using Uncle John’s RV Park for Spring Cleaning

To truly optimize these five expert spring cleaning tips, you’ll want to use Uncle John’s RV Park for RV Storage. By doing so you can tremendously cut back on clutter and make your spring cleaning next year an easier process. You can contact Uncle John’s RV Park today!