5 Ways to Help Your Mom Declutter in Bonney Lake, WA

Admin | September 14, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Your mom is why your home feels like home. She adds those extra touches that make you just want to curl up on the couch with a good book as the scent of homemade chocolate chip cookies fills the air. How can you show your appreciation for all that she does to make your home feel so special? 

Help your mom clear out the extra stuff in the house with these five decluttering tips. Whether you need storage in Bonney Lake, WA, or storage in Buckley, WA, Uncle John’s Self Storage makes it that much easier. 

Tip #1 - Make a plan 

Before you pull out the donation boxes, sit down with your mom, and make a realistic plan. What are her goals for the home?  How does she feel about decluttering?  Make sure she knows your offer to help isn’t a criticism of her household management skills but rather your desire to make it the best home it can be.  

You’ll also want to visit your self-storage unit and make sure it has enough room for additional items. If you don’t have self-storage yet, Uncle John’s Self Storage between Bonney Lake and Buckley on Highway 410 has different sizes of storage units to choose from to best meet your needs. 

Tip #2 - Start with something easy.

Removing items from a home to either donate or put in storage can be emotional. It’s best to begin with items that usually don’t hold much sentimental value, like the garage. Now that summer is almost over, this is a great time to tackle the garden tools and supplies.

With some simple garden tool storage ideas, you can make the garage clean and inviting. Or better yet, just box up the tools and put them in self-storage so you don’t have to worry about them until next spring. Once you’ve finished one project, you and your mom will feel motivated to tackle the rest of the house. 

Tip #3 - Set aside the sentimental items. 

Start separating your items into different piles for donations, storage, and trash. Warning! It’s easy to get derailed when you or your mom finds something that sparks a memory or an emotion. Taking the time to tell the stories and feel those emotions will eventually become draining for both of you. Instead, just set those items aside to address later. It will be much easier to go through them all at once rather than spreading it out through the day. 

Tip #4 - Keep a running to-do list. 

As you work through the house decluttering, you might discover various tasks and chores that need to be done. Don’t stop and do them. Just keep a notepad close by so that you can write down your to-do list ideas as they come. Once the house is decluttered, they’ll be waiting for you to tackle. 

Tip #5 - Put undecided items in storage.

Sometimes it’s easy to know whether something should be kept or donated. Sometimes the decision is harder to make. Ask your mom to make these decisions all day long and it can become draining. Eventually, she might be too tired to make the decisions at all.

One way to help your mom out is to set aside those items and plan to put them in storage for a predetermined amount of time, for example, six months. Having the items out of the house will help your mom see more clearly whether the items truly would be missed if they were donated. 

Using these five tips to declutter your home will help your mom enjoy stress-free living in a clutter-free home. Knowing the decor items, seasonal tools, and precious heirlooms are near safely secured in storage units at Uncle John’s Self Storage will give both you and her the peace of mind we all need right now.

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