Getting Your RV Ready for Summer

Admin | March 24, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

With summer approaching you may already be planning an across-the-country family vacation or looking to do some camping a few hours away. Of course, the best vehicle for the job is an RV and you’re probably excited to drag your RV out of storage and take it for a spin. However, there are a few things you’ll want to do first to get your RV ready for summer! 

Check the Tires

Your rig might have been inside RV storage near Bonney Lake for several months or longer. Due to this, there’s a good chance that your tires have deflated some. Check the tire pressure and tighten the lug nuts. 

Clean out the Water System

Especially if you used anti-freeze during the winter, you’ll want to clean out your RV’s water system using bleach. 

Plug Your RV Into Shore Power

Once you’ve determined that your water system is full and working properly, go ahead and plug your RV into shore power and test out its applications including any gas appliances. 

Have a Trusted Mechanic Look Things Over

Before driving your RV, it’s a smart idea to have a trusted mechanic look over things. They can make sure crucial functions like your brakes and engine are working properly. 

Clean the Interior and Exterior 

Although many RV storage units are clean, there’s still a possibility that there can be dust or other debris on the interior and exterior of your RV. Or there may even be a stuffy air smell. That’s why cleaning your vehicle after taking it out of RV storage is helpful. It may even be the time to upgrade or remodel your RV too. 

Selecting the Right Service for RV Storage Near Bonney Lake

When summer is finally over and it’s time to say goodbye to your RV again, you’ll be happy to know that Uncle John’s RV Park offers wonderful and affordable services.

Using Uncle John’s RV Park for Proper Appliance Storage

Getting your RV ready for summer includes checking the tires and having a mechanic check over its engine, cleaning the inside and outside, cleaning the water system, checking your appliances, and using an expert service like Uncle John’s RV Park. You can contact Uncle John’s RV Park today!