Lend a Hand with Bonney Lake Storage

Admin | August 31, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Summer is a time for projects and improvements. Most people use the nice weather as a time to update their homes, their yards, and everything else. If your in-laws are tackling projects during the summer, you can lend them a hand and help yourself stand out in a major way all at the same time. Below are simple ways to help out big time this summer, and even doing just one of these things will help bring you closer to your in-laws. 

Help with Yard Work

One of the best ways you can help your in-laws during the summer is by lending a hand with garden projects. Whether you're mowing the lawn, tilling the garden for planting, or building a new set of benches, there is always work to be done outdoors. If you're going to help with substantial yard projects it's helpful to have outdoor tools and equipment available.

When you live in an RV storage can be a serious issue. Fortunately, you can often turn to storage units in Bonney Lake to hold various rakes, shovels, lawnmowers, and other outdoor tools and equipment for when you need them. Keep your extra equipment stored out of the way, and your RV will remain neat and tidy and you'll still have all you need to help your in-laws and your parents when they need it. 

Share Your Storage Space

RV organization tricks can help clear up space in your home, and it can work wonders for your in-laws as well if they also live in an RV. Tricks and re-organizing will only get you so far though. If you invest in storage in Bonney Lake, WA, you can give your in-laws access to that space as well.

You can save money by sharing the monthly fees, and both of you will have a reliable storage space to keep your valuables so you aren't constantly searching for new home storage ideas to give you the room you need. 

Offer to Make Handyman Repairs

Most people have a few projects they need to address in and around their homes. Chances are good that your in-laws are dealing with some issues too. Offering to fix a running toilet, patch a leaky pipe, or install some new flooring will make their lives easier and help improve your relationship at the same time. 

Help them with a Move

While people don't move frequently, most people move during the summer months when the weather is the most cooperative. If your in-laws are moving from one location to another, you can give them a hand with moving the heavy items.

Don't just offer them moving and packing tips, but show up and help with packing and with moving the furniture and other large items. You could even help them load up their storage in Bonney Lake while they look for a new place to live. Nobody wants to move their belongings, and helping out during their time of need is sure to make you stand out in a good way.