Lending a Hand to Your Neighbors

Admin | July 13, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

It's good to have friends, and it's even better when those friends live around you. That's why it's important to work to build good relationships with the people that live close by. The tips below explain just how to do that in easy steps, and also how you can improve your results by investing in self-storage space.

While taking advantage of RV park resident living, it’s critical to have as much space as you need, especially in a more space-restricted area. Having an asset like a storage unit will make organization and storing items much easier and may even improve relationships with your neighbors. Check out how. 

Be Friendly and Greet Your Neighbors

If you get the chance to say hello, take it. You'll very quickly make it known to those around you that you're friendly. You'll likely build some friendships out of those exchanges too.  

It's simple advice, but very effective to wave and greet your neighbors as you see them. Talk with your neighbors, even if it's only briefly. From there you can start to visit with your neighbors, get to know them, and soon enough you'll be helping one another out as you need it.

Keep Your RV and Lot Tidy

If you have a cluttered yard or a space that can't be described as tidy, consider cleaning it up. Taking pride in your RV and your lot will help your neighbors accept you and you'll feel a sense of pride as well. If you simply don't have the space to store all your belongings neatly, you can 

Lend Your Neighbors Tools

One of the challenges of RV living is not always having access to all the tools and equipment you need for projects. If one of your neighbors doesn't have the home storage for a tool they need, you can lend out the tool to make their lives easier.

Storage units such as Uncle John's RV storage make it easier to have the tools and equipment for more serious projects. Be generous with your tools and you'll build relationships with your neighbors as a result. Who knows, maybe they'll have a tool that you need in the future. 

Building high-quality relationships take time, but it's not difficult to do and it shouldn't feel like a job either. Just making small efforts to be on good terms with your neighbors will help you get the positive relationships you need to have a good time while living in an RV park.

Of course, having access to storage units in Buckley, WA, while trying to make these relationships will be even simpler because you'll have more space and resources. Just make sure you find storage in Buckley, WA that you trust and that's conveniently located to you.