Less is More With Minimalism

Admin | June 24, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

If you live in an RV and you want to transform the space to be more minimalist, you'll likely realize many more benefits than you are expecting. This guide is to help you become a minimalist realistically and to teach you how to use RV storage as a tool to help you reach that goal.

Creating a Minimalist Look with Self-Storage

Minimalism comes in many different forms, but most people would agree that living a minimalist lifestyle is simpler and more efficient than most other styles of living. These two benefits work particularly well when living in a more compact home, such as an RV.

Visualize the Final Product First

As with any major goal, it's easier to get where you want to go when you understand exactly what you're aiming for. It's not enough to want to lose weight. You need to know the goal weight you want to reach. You can't want to be successful, you need to know how much money you want to earn.

Picture what life will be like in your home as a minimalist. How will the space look? How will you spend your time? What benefits will you enjoy as a result? Try and build the clearest picture that you can, because that picture is your guide to decluttering and creating the ideal space for you. 

Quickly Declutter the Junk

To get started working toward your new minimalist space, you need to make aggressive changes very quickly. This is one of the best ways to get yourself motivated. Go around your home rapidly and single out items that don't work, that are duplicates, or that aren't particularly useful.

Toss these items into three piles. One is for the garbage man, the other is the gift or donation pile and the last is the sell pile. Throw away all the junk and send the other two piles to your self-storage in Buckley, WA, for safekeeping.

You'll have to figure out what to do with those items over the coming weeks, but you'll have all that stuff out of your home right away so you can experience the cleaner environment immediately. 

Clear Away the Items that Don't Matter

It's very easy to get rid of items that aren't serving a purpose in your home, or that are doing the same thing as several other items. It's more difficult to toss out items with a unique purpose that you simply don't use. This is the next challenge, and arguably the most important one for you to go through as well.

Slowly sift through all your belongings, and set aside anything you haven't used in the last month. These items likely aren't all that important. Move them to one of your storage units in Buckley, WA, for now, but put them in a special section of the unit that's dedicated to items you're considering.

If you end up needing one of those items while they are gone, move it back to your home. If you don't need any of the items after a few months, discard them by gifting or selling them.

Give Everything a Place in Your Home

Now that the extra items are gone, it's time to give every item in your home its own specific location. Carefully organize each room in your home so that your possessions are neat and pleasant to look at, but also located in an area that makes them easy to access.

If you can accomplish both things at once you will know what it means to be a minimalist. You can utilize Uncle John's RV storage to hold any seasonal items you don't need right now, and also to temporarily hold your donations and for-sale items, but don't store essential items in storage.

Get rid of all the things that won't fit comfortably in your space, and maintain just that number of possessions. Becoming a minimalist is a challenging exercise, and it's certainly not for everyone.

If you want to declutter your space ad make it more pleasant to be in, following this guide will get you started quickly and will have you feeling good on your very first day. Try the guide for yourself and you can get a taste for what it's like to become a minimalist.