Redecorating Your RV Using Self-Storage

Admin | May 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

While many people are happy to keep their RV unchanged over time, one of the best ways to make the most of your RV is by customizing the space to meet your needs and your tastes in the best possible way. With the right modifications, you can open up the space of your RV, add much-needed storage, and give it a style that you'll love.

That's why we assembled these redecorating tips you can follow to take your RV living to the next level. Some of the ideas benefit from access to self-storage as well so if you have access to storage you can supercharge your efforts to modify and redecorate your space. 

Create a Light and Minimalist Design

One of the best ways to enhance an RV is by clearing it out and giving it a light and air minimalist design. To accomplish this you need to start by removing all the different items and pieces of furniture that you don't need. Get rid of all that you can to open up your space and to help you decide what improvements you want to make.

Quality RV storage facilities will give you space to hold onto any items you decide to save but that you want out of your RV itself. Once you've cleared out space in your home, you can move on to changing up the decor.

Change the paint color to make it as light as possible. Remove cabinets and invest in more open storage options such as shelves that will help expand the look of your RV. You can also downsize your furniture and invest in more compact fixtures to help give you more room.

With some clever adjustments, you can open your RV and make it feel spacious and comfortable even if it feels cramped right now. 

Maximize Storage

Any good RV needs plenty of storage space to hold all the items that you don't want out in the open. The trick to doing storage right in your RV is to go high with storage and to make clever use of empty space you have available. Toss out oversized storage containers, and switch them up for slender and tall storage instead. Wall-mounted shelves can hold items away from your headspace while still keeping them within reach for when you need them most. Investing in self-storage in Buckley, WA can help give you a place to hold some of your extras as well if you're struggling to find a place to hold your valuables in your RV. 

Opt for Stylish Multi-Function Furniture

If you have a table or another piece of furniture in your RV that only has one purpose, consider how you could modify that piece or swap it out for a different item that offers multiple uses. Invest in high-quality furniture items though so that you get something that's comfortable and durable for your home.

If you live in Uncle John's RV Park you have access to self-storage facilities right near the RV spaces. By using common self-storage tips like rotate out seasonal items and label and organize your stored items with care, you can get the space you need to live comfortably in your RV and to create the perfect minimalist style that will take your ride to the next level. 

Only Keep the Essentials in Your RV

One of the best redecorating tips that you can follow is to keep all the non-essential items that you have out of your RV. I'm not saying that you should get rid of everything that you don't use daily. Just take a look at different items around your space and consider doing away with things that you don't use once a month.

With access to quality RV storage space, you can stash the infrequently used items there until you do eventually need them. This solution is ideal because it allows you to keep your less popular items while keeping them from cluttering your space. 

Redecorating your RV should be all about function and opening up space above all else, and reliable storage facilities help you do that reliably. Just make sure you follow some simple self-storage tips to make the most of your unit and to keep items readily available for you to use.