Retiring Early? Use RV and Self Storage

Admin | July 28, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

If you’re retiring early, congratulations! A lifetime of hard work and smart investing has now given you the chance to do what you want with your time for the rest of your life. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

However, if you’re facing a few of the decisions common to those retiring early, such as whether or not to downsize your home, where to travel, or what hobbies to pick up, you may have a few questions that need to be answered. Namely, where will you keep all your things while you’re out enjoying the good life?


Uncle John’s RV storage near Bonney Lake has both self-storage as well as RV storage that can help. Below are a few ways our storage units can help you enjoy your early retirement.


Travel the World   


One of the most exciting things about early retirement is the chance it gives you to go see the world. Whether you want to sip drinks on a tropical beach or appreciate great art in Europe, the choice is in your hands.

But what to do with your possessions as you’re away? That’s where our Bonney Lake self-storage comes into play. Rather than leaving everything in an empty house or trying to use family and friends for storage, use our self-storage to keep everything safe and sound so you can concentrate on creating new memories.


Downsize Your Home  

Another decision you may have to make if you’re retiring early is whether to downsize your home or in some cases, get rid of your home entirely.

If you’re wanting to get away from lots of home maintenance and yard work, it’s a great option to downsize your home and choose a townhome or condo. That way, kids and grandkids will still have plenty of room to play, but you will have much less to take care of around the house.

If you do downsize, you may not have room in your new place for your stuff, or even a place to park your RV. Uncle John’s RV storage near Bonney Lake can solve both of those problems!

Our storage units can keep your items when you downsize, and our on-site RV park can be used for both short-term and long-term RV parking and storage. This way, you won’t have to rush through your items when you downsize, quickly having to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Our self-storage will help ease the stress of moving and downsizing.


Really Get Into Your Hobbies    


You’ve worked hard for years, now it’s time to play! No matter what your hobbies may be, or what hobbies and interests you want to pick up now that you’re retiring, it’s a great time to really throw yourself into them and become an expert.

Whether you choose golf, art, cycling, or any number of other hobbies and interests, chances are they will take some supplies and equipment.

Rather than letting those golf clubs or paints clutter up your garage or home, use Uncle John’s Bonney Lake self-storage to store them. That way, they’ll always be safe, secure, and accessible for when you need them, while still being kept out of the way.


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