Organize Your Bathroom with Self-Storage

Admin | October 2, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Self-Storage Tips: Bathroom Organization


When it comes to your RV, space is always at a premium. Because space can be such a hot commodity, getting creative is a must, especially in a space like your bathroom. Thinking a bit outside the box is helpful in finding new ways to store things.


Uncle John’s RV storage near Bonney Lake has a few ideas for creatively organizing your RV bathroom to be sure you both save space and stay stylish and sleek.


Use a Shower Caddy

Utilizing a shower caddy is one of the easiest ways to free up room for your RV storage in your bathroom. A shower caddy is basically just a hanging rack that can hang from your showerhead or from the wall of the bathroom.

Things like shampoo and body wash, razors, soap, and similar items are great to put on a shower caddy because these things would normally take up storage space elsewhere in your RV, but using a caddy helps utilize hanging space that is normally empty.


Use Wall Space

On a similar note, a great way to free up RV storage space is to use your bathroom’s wall space as storage.

Oftentimes, vertical wall space goes unused in your RV while things like photos, artwork, and other decor can start to clutter up flat surfaces like countertops. Make sure your bathroom stays less cluttered by using that wall space. You can hang things like art or photos or install vertical shelving to better use the wall space in your RV bathroom.

Get Over The Door Hooks  

If you notice that things like towels, washcloths, bathrobes, pajamas, and all sorts of other items tend to gather on your RV bathroom floor, an over-the-door hook or shelving unit could be a perfect solution.

Rather than using valuable space around the bathroom to store these items, over-the-door hooks allow these items to be stored against the door, which is usually space that is empty anyways. Plus, using a hook or shelving unit over the door is simple, cheap, and will help your RV storage seem a bit less chaotic in the bathroom.


Use Magnetic Storage Boxes and Bins 

Since your RV bathroom will always need a little more space than is available, magnets can be a huge help in keeping you organized.

Find stylish boxes or bins and attach magnets to them and to the wall or mirror in your RV bathroom. These can act as a “catch-all,” a place where clutter that usually ends up on countertops or vanities can be placed. Store things like toiletries in these magnetic boxes and you’ll be amazed at how much space you save!

Uncle John’s Storage Units Have Space


If you’ve tried all these tips and realize you just need a bit more space in your RV, don’t worry, because Uncle John’s RV storage in Bonney Lake has all the space you need.

Rather than let your RV bathroom continue to collect clutter, let Uncle John’s store some of your things so you can hit the road in peace. To see our rates, visit us online or call 360-761-7178.