Winter RV Storage and Prep Tips

Admin | October 26, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Living in an RV is freeing and can be incredibly comfortable at any time of the year with the right amenities. When the weather drops, even the most experienced RV owners and full-time occupants need to be prepared. While some migrate to warmer parts of the country, others stay put and take advantage of Uncle John’s RV park in Buckley.

Those utilizing winter RV storage in Bonney Lake have their own ways to prepare their RVs for the cold seasons, and we’re here to cover it all. Whether you’re staying in your RV this winter or packing it up for winter RV storage, here are some tips to safely winterize for whatever comes your way.

Insulate and Protect Your Water Supply

When living in an RV during the winter you likely need access to regular water. That's why it's so important to take measures to prevent issues with freezing. Investing in an insulated and heated water supply line is a good way to beat the cold and to protect against issues with freezing at night, or during very cold times of the year.

Some RVers even switch to using bottled water and stop utilizing their water tank during the winter to avoid potential issues with freezing. This is a less convenient option, but it's a simple way to avoid damage to your ride. It's also worth investing in an RV skirt, as well as heat tape and thermal curtains for all the windows in your setup.

Make use of heat tape on any water lines, and add antifreeze to parts of your system that require them, such as the cooling system on your RV.  Block all the places where cold air can come in and you'll find it much easier to heat your space as the temperatures dip down lower. 

Switch off the Heat Pump and Rely on Heaters

A typical RV relies on a heat pump for heating and cooling during moderate weather. This works well as long as the temperatures don't get too cold. When the weather begins dropping below 45 degrees Fahrenheit it's time to move to a heater rather than a heat pump.

Some RVs feature a built-in heater you can switch over to, but if yours doesn't you should invest in a space heater for warmth during the winter. An energy-efficient space heater will heat up your RV quickly and help you maintain a comfortable temperature even during the coldest part of winter. 

Find a Secure Facility to Store Your RV In

If you aren’t staying in your RV this season, you can always store it during the cold months instead. There are a few options that will work well for this purpose. You can invest in indoor storage space if you can locate a facility with enough room. This will give you the highest level of protection, but many RVs over 25' or 30' in length will be too large for most indoor storage facilities.

If that's not an option, look for covered storage space, or invest in a winterized cover and keep your RV in a secure facility. If you choose to store your ride over the winter, empty the water tank and drain the lines or winterize them with an antifreeze solution.

Also, seal up your RV to keep animals out so they don't retreat inside to escape the cold. Take this time to remove or drop-down any antennas you have on your RVs roof as well and keep your RV roof vent open just slightly to maintain airflow and prevent mold, mildew, and other moisture-related issues. By taking these simple steps, and finding quality RV storage near Bonney Lake, you can weather out the cold winter months and protect your RV in the process.

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