3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Storage & Organization

Admin | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Despite being one of the most frequently visited places in the home, bathrooms tend to run a bit on the small side. Nothing puts your storage and organization skills to the test quite like trying to fit all of your belongings and toiletries into one small bathroom. 


After providing storage units near Bonney Lake for over 40 years, we’ve picked up a few tricks for how to best store and organize your stuff. Here are three ways to upgrade your bathroom storage from Uncle John’s RV Park.


1. Door Shelves


If you want a quick way to add more storage without permanently nailing something into the wall, try door shelves. These hanging racks and organizers can easily be hooked onto the top of a door to create accessible storage right on the back of your bathroom door. Door shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from large shelves meant to be hung on a full-sized door to smaller hanging baskets that can be hung on a cabinet door. 


Door shelves can also be hooked onto the shower curtain rod to provide more shelving closer to the shower. If you’re really pressed for space and living in tight quarters like an RV, you could stretch a suspension rod above the toilet and hang a door shelf on the rod to use the empty vertical space above the toilet as extra storage space. 


2. Decorative Labels


When it comes to storage unit organization, one of the best pieces of advice we give our customers is to clearly label everything. By the time you come to get everything out of your storage unit, you won’t remember what you put into each box. The same applies to your bathroom. 


Storage bins and baskets are great, but if you can’t remember what is supposed to go in them then they will somehow always evolve into baskets of random junk. Take some advice from a couple of self storage experts and stay organized by labeling all of the containers in your bathroom. 


If you want to add some personality and character to your bathroom, choose to use decorative labels. These labels come in a variety of beautiful fonts and colors that can help make any bathroom’s color scheme and style really pop!


3. Drawer Dividers


Having a drawer for everything is great, but having a one drawer with lots of smaller spaces to organize the things in the drawer? That’s taking your organization to the next level. Drawer organizers are a great way to section off portions of the drawer to create smaller storage spaces. Rather than having all of your makeup in one drawer, you can use drawer dividers to keep all of your lipstick on the left, powders and creams on the right, and beauty tools and brushes in the middle. 


Not only does this keep your stuff sorted and organized, but it also can help make sure it all stays in place as you open and close the drawer or travel in your RV. The frequent movement of opening and closing a drawer often mixes everything within, quickly undoing all of your organizational work. Keep things separated with drawer dividers so you can stop reorganizing that one drawer every time you open it. 

For more storage tips and tricks or to learn more about our RV storage near Bonney Lake, contact us today!