Using Buckley Storage for Your Holiday Decor

Admin | December 22, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

One of the great things about the holiday season is the chance to turn your home into a real winter wonderland. With decorations, figurines, holiday lights, ornaments, and all sorts of other things, it’s fun to make the home feel like it’s truly the holidays with fun decor.

And when it’s all over? You may be amazed at how much space those decorations take up! If you’ve got a few too many boxes of holiday decor, self-storage may be a good idea to reduce clutter and clear up space. Below are a few ideas from Buckley storage for packing holiday decor into a storage unit.

Box and Label to Save Time Next Year

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a specific item in storage and having to unpack box after box to find it. To keep things simple, box your holiday decor based on holiday (such as one box for Thanksgiving decor, one for Christmas). When you’re moving the boxes into your self-storage unit, group them by holiday as well, and be sure to put the heaviest boxes on the bottom so other items don’t get crushed.

Just as important as grouping and boxing your items is labeling those boxes. It will save you time and frustration to label each box with exactly what is inside, and be sure to pack the boxes with the labels facing out so you can read them easily. 

Holiday Lights Need Special Attention 

It’s kind of amazing how strands of holiday lights always seem to end up in a knot, right? If you’ve found yourself untangling lights year after year, let this year be the time you get them packed away right!

Wrap your strands of lights around something circular, like an empty coffee can. Or string them around something like a paper towel roll, anything to keep them from winding up over themselves. When packing your lights into your storage unit, place them higher up and on top of heavy items so your lights aren’t smashed the next time you use them.

It’s Impossible to Overpackage Items 

Many families have ornaments or other holiday decorations that have unique sentimental value or are family heirlooms. Keeping these items in storage when not in use is a great idea to keep them safe and sound. However, making sure they are packed well is very important.

Whether big or small, lots of holiday decor can be fragile, and it’s worth your time to package it up correctly. In fact, it’s impossible to overpackage! It’s better to use a bit more tape or an extra sheet of bubble wrap than to lose something important to breakage.

If you need self-storage in Buckley, WA, Uncle John’s RV Storage can help keep all your holiday decor safe and secure. Our units are easy to access and come in multiple sizes, so no matter how many decorations you may have, we have a storage unit for you.


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