Winter-Proofing Your RV Using Self-Storage

Admin | January 25, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Winter is one of the toughest times of the year, especially for those living in an RV. That's why it's important to think about how to prep your RV for the cold. Taking a few simple steps before the weather cools off will help you live more comfortably and should keep your belongings in better shape as well. Follow this basic guide and find out how to prepare your RV for the cold, and how self-storage units can help you accomplish the task. 

Safeguard Outdoor Items

Most residents that live in an RV rely heavily on outdoor space for lounging, cooking, visiting with neighbors, and more. That means they're likely to have lots of outdoor furniture and accessories. When the weather turns cold it's important to get all those items indoors so they don't wear out needlessly. With access to RV storage in Bonney Lake, WA you can put away those items and clear out space around your RV so it looks neat throughout the winter. 

Insulate Your RV

Many RVs aren't insulated well and this makes them very drafty in the winter. Spend time improving the insulation on your RV in as many ways as you can for a more comfortable winter experience. Many RV owners invest in heat-shrink plastic to seal windows and create an air pocket that substantially improves the insulative properties of single-pane windows. Other owners use bubble wrap for the same purpose. 

Some RV owners invest in Plexiglas storm windows they can install each winter and put into storage in Bonney Lake, WA, during the offseason. Along with covering your windows, it's advisable to seal any visible cracks in the body of the RV with caulk or spray foam to keep critters out and to further protect against drafts. A bit of hard work at the beginning of the cold season can make your RV feel significantly warmer and more comfortable in the cold. 

Do Away with Outdoor Water Storage

Water storage tanks are common in RVs and some of those tanks are stored outside of an RV normally. This is something you should avoid during the winter months. Drain outdoor water storage tanks to prevent issues with freezing and rely on interior storage solutions instead where the water can be kept warm. 

Add Warm Accessories Inside

Along with winterizing your RV against drafts, you should also consider adding blankets, rugs, thick curtains and other cozy accessories to your RV when it's cold. Hang up thick curtains to block drafts, add blankets to your sitting area for cuddling up when it's cool in your RV, and cover hard floors with rugs to keep your feet comfortable. 

Consider stockpiling these accessories in RV storage units so you have them ready for each winter. You can pull the items out of your storage in Bonney Lake, WA, and decorate your RV easily each year. 

Put Away Seasonal Items

Since RVs have such limited space it's important to avoid clutter as much as possible. That means putting away outdoor tools, recreational equipment, and other warm-weather items that you won't be using until the following spring. Storage units are the best option for most RV owners because they give you the space you need to hold these items without infringing on your living space. 

Winter prepping an RV is less work than a full-sized house, but it still takes planning and real effort. Hopefully, this guide can help you start the process and help you figure out how to make the work go more easily using RV storage near Bonney Lake, WA. Get a conveniently-located unit and you'll be prepared to take on the cold this winter.