How to Stay Prepared with Self-Storage

It's impossible to prepare for every emergency. There's just no way to stockpile everything that you'll need in an emergency situation! Preparing is even more difficult while utilizing an RV, whether you’ve taken up a mobile life, enjoy longer road vacations or use your RV in long-term storage capacities.

This includes utilizing an RV park like Uncle John's that offers access to Uncle John's RV Storage. Emergency self-storage preparation gets easier if you opt for one of the storage units, though. 

With one of these available self-storage units, you can stockpile the most useful supplies and get ready for a range of emergency situations at the same time. 

Store Emergency Supplies

Start your emergency storage efforts by stockpiling medical supplies such as refills for a first-aid kit, masks, gloves sanitizer, and other protective equipment. Also, consider adding in some water storage or water purification technologies to make sure you have access to clean drinking water as you need it. 

Also, stash a bit of extra clothing, flashlights, a radio, medications and extra supplies such as emergency blankets, and other items you might need. Avoid keeping perishable items like food in your storage to avoid it from spoiling, being cut off from accessing this essential supply, and pests getting at your supply. 

Update and Maintain Your Supplies Regularly

When keeping emergency supplies in your RV Storage in Buckley, WA it's important to look through your supplies and rotate out anything that will expire soon. It's up to you to keep your supply updated so you don't end up with items that don't perform as intended. One simple way to do this is by making an inventory of all the items that expire in your unit and tracking all those expiration dates so you can use up the items and rotate in replacements over time. 

Stay Safe When Accessing Your Storage During an Outbreak

It's important to have emergency supplies tucked away in your self-storage in Buckley, WA, but that's no good if you don't exercise caution when accessing your supplies during an emergency situation such as a viral outbreak like COVID-19. To stay safe you must stay informed by staying updated about the local news. You should take care to follow emergency recommendations and guidelines, which means careful social distancing and sanitizing any common surfaces for viral outbreaks. Avoid getting into your storage when a large number of people are accessing their units as well and follow standard emergency guidelines to stay safe during other emergencies. 

Keep all these things in mind during a crisis and you should be prepared and safe as a result. With your self-storage unit packed with emergency supplies, you will be prepared for most situations and you should be safer and more relaxed during emergencies as a result.